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Journey of an EVE-online pilot

Scavenging for Salvage: is it stealing?

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Inanna Zuni

Scavenging for Salvage: is it stealing?

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Inanna Zuni
I was asked yesterday what I thought should be 'done' about pilots who come along and scavange wrecks while another pilot is still doing the mission that creates them. After all, a large part of the 'payment' on some encounter missions is the drop value, and that means both the loot *and* the salvaging bits and pieces.

Thing is, at the moment, taking the dropped loot is illegal and will get you flagged, but salvaging doesn't, and though some pilots have said that they consider it to be "stealing" too, CONCORD (and CCP) don't. Given that not everyone will scavenge the wrecks they create though - either because they don't have the skills, the equipment, or the time - it is reasonable that the minor profession of itinerant scavenger should be continued, but maybe with a small change.

* If the scavenger is in the same gang as the missioner, then fine; no problem.
* If the missioner is still in the deadspace / mission area, then salvaging their wreck becomes stealing and will be flagged.
* If the missioner isn't still there then it is stealing / flaggable for ten minutes after the ship was destroyed (in case they've gone to a local base to get their scavenging ship) but then becomes free for all to salvageif they don't return in that time.

How does that work for you? Let me know what you think by pressing post a new comment below ...
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