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Journey of an EVE-online pilot

The User Interface

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Inanna Zuni

The User Interface

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Inanna Zuni
Some of my thoughts on UI issues and possible improvements:

first, the 'quick-and-easy' ones:

1. It is easy to create a new bookmark while you are flying around without having to upon up People & Places in the neocon, yet you can't remove them the same way. Given that adding and removing display items is always just a right-click away, why isn't removing a bookmark?

2. When a pilot is offered a mission there is a small map of the immediate constallation shown in the Overview and Objectives. Thing is, while there is a nice "You are here" circled, the destination system isn't marked! Sometimes it is the other way around, but I've yet to see *both* marked at once.

3. You don't always start talking to agents while in their station. How about adding a (clickable) link to their current base of operations underneath those of their Corp, Divisions, Race, and Bloodline? Saves overhead on opening up that People & Places tab again.

then a few others to make a pilot's life easier.

4. The Personal Assets screen is one of many that get heavily used but isn't as user-friendly as it could be. What about adding:
- (a) an option to sort the list by number of jumps. When you've filtered the list to get the piece of kit you urgently need how near or far it is should be one click away, not a maths lesson in your head.
- (b) the "Group" column isn't always sufficient. Add a further column so that you can browse for 'ships' and such 'major groups'.
- (c) and on a similar point, change the search box to not just require the actual name of the desired item, but allow groups (eg "battlecruiser" or "ships"

5. It used to be that if you opened the cargo hold of one of your other ships in dock you saw its accurate size; especially useful when you are moving stuff between holds. Trouble now though is that if you aren't actually *in* a ship then the cargo hold size reverts to the default size for that class of ship and not to what it should be with the extenders, etc. that you have installed. This makes things unneccesarily difficult, especially for haulers and traders.

Let me know your thoughts ...

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