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Journey of an EVE-online pilot

Here we are then ...

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Inanna Zuni

Here we are then ...

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Inanna Zuni
Today is the start of voting in the ballot for members of the Stellar Council of Management. You get two weeks in which to cast that vote, so it isn't urgent that you do it *right now*, instead you can take the opportunity to reflect on the range of candidates and, hopefully(!) like many others who have sent me their support, decide that you want to vote for me.

Although I haven't added anything here recently, you will find a number of comments and responses to other pilots on the EVE forums:

  • Suicide ganking
  • Local channel
  • Hi-sec isk farmers
  • Contact with the pilot community
  • Balance within the CSM

    and a topic at Jita Park Speakers Corner which so far includes Q&A about being a woman in EVE, invention, industry and security levels, and missioning.
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