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Journey of an EVE-online pilot

The lobbying begins?

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Inanna Zuni

The lobbying begins?

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Inanna Zuni
Via an EVEmail I just received this from a pilot by the name of Azzma:

"Hi I am a Japanese player and I have noticed there is no candidate that represents anything for Japanese players, which is a sizeable population of Eve.

Therefore, I am willing to be your Japanese spokesperson (A group unreachable and without a candidate) for 100 mil ISK (negotiable). I will campaign in Japanese forums, channels, corp channels, etc which are unnavigable to all other candidates. I am familiar with almost all Japanese players, who are very close knit because of the language barrier. Spreading your message to this group of voters who currently do not have a candidate will definitely be one of the sure moves to aid your campaign.

Please be a voice for a group of eve citizens often neglected in this large bureaucratic mess.

Please feel free to respond with any questions or concerns
Thank you,


Personally, I am standing as a candidate for *all* pilots, from whatever planetside geography they hail from. I am based in London, England, but ingame our 'Earth-bound' location is irrelevant except for some technical issues such as internet response delays and occasional mis-translations of the EVE interface (which are taken care of through existing systems.)

I hope that Japan-based pilots - and japanese-speaking ones too - will support me for my platform and support for *all* pilots no matter their nationality, language, gender or age, and not because I might pay someone to speak on my behalf. Needless to say I will not be taking up Azzma's offer.

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