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Journey of an EVE-online pilot

Done (in)

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Inanna Zuni

Done (in)

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Inanna Zuni
Well, the first CSM - CCP Devs meeting finished last night up in Iceland. I wouldn't say the three days of discussion were 'fun' (they were indoors in a dark room which needed better air conditioning as we brought the heat and nonstop sunshine with us) but I think they were really productive.

Some things we were told are very unlikely to happen because of the system design at the server end to make it run as fast as possible, but many others will either be implemented pretty asap (which might still be a while) or will get folded in to future release plans.

All in all, a useful experience. And sfaiaa nobody died (yet! there is still the flight home ...) and I'll give some more updates on the topics discussed over the next week.

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