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Journey of an EVE-online pilot

CSM picture post

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Inanna Zuni

CSM picture post

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Inanna Zuni
Some pictures I took at the recent CCP - CSM meeting ...

Ankhesentapemkah, aka Eva Jobse

and if you missed her rear on the video ;-P

Bane Glorius, aka Alex Kravitz

Darius JOHNSON, aka Sean Conover

Hardin, aka Niall Dologhan

Jade Constantine (with LaVista), aka Andrew Cruse

LaVista Vista, aka Charlie Eriksen

Serenity Steele, aka Shayne Smart

Xhagen, aka Pietur

Sadly, my camera didn't work too well on some photos, so I don't have a good one of Valentijn (Dierdra Vaal)

Some general shots:


CSM Voting

One of the film crews, at þingvellir

© ALL PHOTOGRAPHS COPYRIGHT Alison Wheeler, London aka Inanna Zuni, 2008
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